Things... Stuff... Whatever.

Computer Related:

W3.org's HTML validator. All my pages are valid HTML.
W3.org's CSS validator. All my CSS is valid at the time of its writing.
Perseus Labs - My current workplace. Great people, great testing.
FireFox, from Mozilla. A fast, standards compliant browser. If something doesn't render correctly, I recommend FireFox.
FreeBSD - The operating system hosting this server (and the operating system running on my laptop).
Gentoo Linux - The best Linux distribution out there. Running on my desktop (not meant for production boxes).
Distributed.Net - The dnet site. All my Unix based systems are running the client.
Grid.org- Another distributed computing project. My Windows computers are running the Cancer project.

How-to documents:

Thawte email certificates (S/MIME) and Mutt

Car Related:

My Miata - The beginnings of a page about my Miata.
Mazda USA - The official Mazda website.
Miata.Net - Wonderful people and a great site for Miata and Mazda information.

Horse Links:

The Champagne Horse Association - A fairly recently discovered gene for color in horses. I think a Palimino I knew was actually Gold Champagne.
Color in Horses - This site has some good info, but I'm not very fond of the design. It's slightly better in w3m.

Abortion Related Information:

Roe v. Wade - Information on the case.
Abortion - A place to find safe, legal abortion clinics.