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1994 Mazda Miata M Edition

The first M Edition

In 1994 Mazda introduced a few changes to their beloved roadster, the Miata. The most significant change was probably the new engine - a 1.8L DOHC engine, rather than the 1.6L in previous models. There was also stiffening added to the body, and a few other changes.

One of these changes is a new kind of limited edition Miata. The new limited edition was named the "M Edition." It was the luxury car of the Miatas. It had nearly all available options on other Miatas, except the R package, and anti-lock brakes, an automatic transmission, and a hard top remained options. The 94M had a few special touches of its own. It had a Nardi wood shift knob, wood parking-brake grip, logo floor mats and special M Edition key fob and interior/exterior badges. It also had a new paint color - Montego Blue Mica. This is a rather unique color. It is called blue, and appears dark blue (almost navy) in many lights. But if the sun strikes the paint at the right angle, a beautiful rich green shines through. It's a subtle, unique effect that gives the car a special look. Though Montego Blue Mica was only used on the M Edition in 1994, it was used on regular edition Miatas in later years.

Other M Editions include the Merlot Mica 95M, the Starlight Mica 96M, and the Marina Green Mica 97M. A full listing of Miata options and packages can be found at Miatas in America.

My Miata

See pictures of the beautiful car.


I recently ordered shocks and tires for my Miata. I bought KONI adjustable shocks and Toyo T1-S tires, size 195/55-14. I'm waiting for them to arrive so John (the Miata mechanic) can install them and get me the alignment I need.

A few weeks ago, the water pump on the Miata developed a leak. It was replaced, along with many other parts. The clutch slave cylinder and minor oil leak were fixed, and some hoses and belts were replaced. The car scared me greatly - I had to drive it for a day or so, constantly refilling the radiatior to make sure it didn't overheat. Thankfully, the Miata pulled through without any damage.


Well, I suppose it's time for an update. One week ago, I was in an accident in the Miata. The vehicle behind me was rearended by a minivan. It was hit so hard, it ran into me. We had been stopped at a red light. The minivan driver presented us with false insurance papers. My Miata has about $900 damage, and I can't get any money from the minivan driver. Sometimes, life sucks.

In other Miata related news, I had the oil changed by a Miata mechanic on Saturday. My goal was to get him to inspect the car and find any problems. He found problems. The car got new brakes last night, and should soon get a new slave cylinder and a seal or two in the engine replaced. After that, it wil probably get new shocks and tires and an alignment. Then will come a few other minor things, including the bumper. I woul love to be able to take the phase one evolution course in September. Hopefully my car will be ready by then.


On January 3rd, 2004 I purchased a 1994 Mazda Miata M Edition. What a wonderful car it is.

The car was in Georgia, and it took around 1,000 miles of driving to get it home. It had a little over 90,000 miles when it finally made it home. It's a beautiful car - the same color as all M editions from that year, and a pleasure to drive. The tires and shocks are both very worn, so I'm intending to put KONI adjustable shocks and Toyo T1-S tires on it. I won't be changing the wheels from the stock ones, partially because I like their looks, and partially because they're only 10.4 pounds a piece.

I've been driving the car as a daily driver since it came home in early January. It's been wonderful. The convertible top is great, and the car handles so much better, wet or dry, than any other of my cars. It's great. I can't wait for the new shocks and tires.